Things to do: Snorkel at Clovelly Beach

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Clovelly Beach, neatly located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, in the state of New South Wales, is a small and serene beach lined by concrete platforms. It enjoys a great deal of popularity among families and snorkelers alike. If you’re experienced in the water, you should definitely pay Clovelly Beach a visit. It’s a great place to soak up the rays of the sun and dive into the unknown world of the ocean. Bring your snorkelling gear and enjoy a little bit of the underwater. Experience what you’ve never been able to experience. 

Clovelly Beach – the top snorkelling spot in Sydney

Sydney has long been accused of being a surface-heavy city. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of water activities you can take advantage of. When you get tired of the hectic life downtown, head on over to Clovelly Beach, don your flippers and take a dive underwater. It’s undoubtedly the best place in Sydney to go snorkelling. There’s an entry and exit point near the Surf Club. If you manage to get around the weed beds, overhangs, and reefs, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on marine life. The sheltered waters are perfect for beginner and experienced snorkelers alike. 

Experience snorkelling with the experts 

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried snorkelling before. All you need is a pair of fins, a mask, and a snorkel. It might sound expensive, but it’s quite affordable. There will be diving instructors to help you along the way. They’ll teach you how to properly use the equipment, besides offering you some tips on how to discover marine life. Snorkelling poses some physical challenges, but you’ll overcome them. Watch out so as not to slip when slipping into the water. 

If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to spot a blue groper

The eastern blue groper is endemic to Australia and is typically found in the waters of the south coast. It’s the big blue fish that we know and love. Although stocks of blue groper are in better shape, poor weather conditions can lead to a lower number of fishes. If you do come across this majestic fish, resist the urge of taking it to the surface. It’s unlikely that it will survive if put back. Protect marine life while diving. It’s the best way to help the ocean. Be careful when interacting with marine life such as octopus and molluscs or mastering your equipment. 

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed in the beach area. As much as you’d like to see your dog dive into the water, you won’t see your dream come true. All in all, the snorkelling area can be accessed at any time, when the weather allows it, of course. There are plenty of parking spaces, although you might have to wait for a vacancy. While Sydney boasts of many beautiful places, it’s what’s underneath the water that counts. What’s beneath Clovelly is super interesting. You don’t need fancy snorkelling gear, just a willingness to take on new adventures.