Things to do: Visit the Harbour Bridge in Sydney

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Sydney bursts with experiences to suit every taste, so if you’re looking forward to a rip-roaring good time, you’re in luck. You can find excitement in the city, but drive a few kilometres and you’ll come across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which connects the capital and its suburbs on the northern side of the harbour. This iconic landmark is one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. It’s stunningly beautiful, so it’s guaranteed to soothe the soul. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge was erected by local steel giants Dorman Long. It was built using 53,000 tonnes of steel and 6 million hand-driven rivets. The herniate-listed steel through arch bridge spans 503 metres. The top of the arch is 134 metres above sea level, while the clearance for shipping under the deck is about 49 metres. It’s not a good idea to eat any fish caught west of the Sydney Harbour Bridge because high levels of dioxin have been recorded in the flesh of harbour fish. 

A short history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Before the arrival of the Europeans in 1788, both sides of Sydney Harbour accommodated the Eora people. The construction of a bridge across the harbour was suggested, which would span from Dawes Point to Milsons Point. Two people stand out as far as the history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is concerned. We’re talking about Dr. Bradfield and Premier Lang. The former was a civil engineer, who actively promoted and monitored the construction of one of Australia’s greatest architectural bridges, and the latter was Premier of NSW, who helped raise much-needed financing for the bridge’s construction.  

Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially inaugurated on March 19, 1932. This moment in time marked a turning point in Australian history. More exactly, the opening of the iconic structure boosted the development of Modern Sydney and brought a little bit of optimism in the middle of the Great Depression. The bridge has been used for many years now, serving as a liaison between the north and south sides of the harbour. The visual impact is undeniable. 

3 cool things you can do on the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

It would be a shame to go to Sydney without paying a trip to this world-class feat of engineering. For a memorable experience, here are 3 cool things to try: 

Spare some time for an incredible bridge walk experience 

The bridge walk is on the eastern side. It’s perfect for a stroll. Get into the action and enjoy scenic views of famous buildings such as the Opera House. Your walk must absolutely start from Milsons Point and continue in the direction of The Rocks. Along the way, there’s the south-eastern Pylon Lookout, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city of Sydney.

Follow in the footsteps of famous people

If you climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll be literally following in the footsteps of celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, Matt Damon, and so on. The iconic bridge has welcomed a great many celebrities over the years. Don’t you want to climb to the top?

Enjoy Sydney’s finest dining  

If you get hungry or thirsty, don’t worry because you can enjoy a fine dining experience. There are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can catch a bite to eat and enjoy the stunning views of the harbour. The Bennelong Restaurant, for instance, focuses on Australian produce and even includes vegetarian options. You can enjoy yummy foods with great music, and atmosphere.